PI Abundance Estimator

Welcome to the E-Uni Abundance Project. This webpage allows you to enter your observations of abundance for the various planets you have visited.

How to obtain an Estimate

  1. Bring up the star map, and right click on the desired star, and choose 'Show Info'. Alternatively, you can type the system name into the search box and right click on the result to get Show Info.
  2. Now choose the 'Orbital Bodies' tab. On each planet, note the type, and then right click and choose 'View In Planet Mode'.
  3. Click on the Scan tab. You now have the abundances displayed.
  4. Try to get a dark background, or the image analyzer will fail miserably. (ie Zoom out so that the Build button and resource tabs are over space rather than a white planet.)
  5. Next take a screenshot.
  6. At this point, you can submit the screenshot below in the 'Snapshot File' field, or
  7. You can open it in an image editor such as Greenshot.
  8. There also exist on-screen pixel rulers, such as KRuler which allow you to measure off the pixels on the screen.

I believe I have an adaptable algorithm for detecting the location of the resource bars. Please inform Shiu Juan in evemail if you find an example of it screwing up again.

The first step is to choose the planet you will be submitting. You can either type the planet name, and values in directly below, or you can search for the planet in various ways.

Direct Entry

Planet Name eg Aldrat V
Snapshot File Submit a screenshot
Resource 1 .. or fill in abundance values
Resource 2
Resource 3
Resource 4
Resource 5

Find a Planet

Planet Name:

Browse Regions

Browse Regions

Data Dump

A first attempt at displaying statistics can be viewed Statistics View. I would love to hear from any bright web programmers that can think of a good layout or such. The statistics available are : (Min, Max, Mean, StdDev, Variance, Sample Count).

Until the analysis functions or Dump To Google Spreadsheet functions are working, please click Database Dump for a .CSV file that you can bring into your spreadsheet or database program